Monday, January 23, 2006

Returning The Favor

After we had returned for our trip, I remember you promising me to return, the favor I gave you in the bathroom. One night of the best treatment of my life. As soon as we got in the door from the airport you asked me to meet you in the bedroom, a few moments later after checking the machine for messages, I followed you back in the back room.

I entered the room and saw the curtains drawn and you sitting on the bed. Sitting down beside you kissed me softly at first and then each kiss increased in passion. Your hands reaching under my shirt and pinning me to the bed, you hovered over me continuing to bathe me in deep passionate kisses, your hands slide down my tummy and rested at the button to my pants, un-doing the tiny button and then the zipper, now you placed kisses down my tummy around the underside. You then slowly slide my pants off and then my panties, I was motionless there staring as you slowly disappeared to my now dripping pussy, licking and teasing it with your tongue, you continued and began to suck slowly on my clit, my body raged in and deep and intense orgasm.

Now looking up at me you began to kiss me again, I could taste myself upon your lips, deep kisses as you slowly took of my shirt and then found the clasp on my bra, freeing my breast you began to tease my nipples with your tongue and hands, "Fuck me, I screamed" ready to feel your cock deep inside me. You seemed please by this because with a quick motion you pushed me up enough to enter my tight pussy, stroking deep inside me , in slow passionate strokes and then deep rough strokes, after some time our bodies sweating you, became to cum with quick strokes, flipping me up on top of you, you became hard again, I began to straddle your cock and push harder up and down on it, feeling your balls as the pressed against my ass, it didn't take long for us both to finish, we rolled to our sides still connected, peering deep into each others eyes.

We fell asleep that night still together, wrapped in each others arms. One of the best nights we have ever had. Maybe we can do it again sometime.

My favorite

Of everything we've done so far, my absolute favorite was that time in the coffee shop in Lisbon. Do you remember it?

It was our first vacation in a foreign country. You were so excited. After a few days we found a pleasant small restaurant, near the center of Lisbon - Rossio. It was a nice, small, family-like restaurant. We were choosing what we would do that night and you suggested the a typical "Fado" house. "Sure" I said, "Why not?".

I remember your eyes when you told me that you loved the surprise. Although I'm Portuguese it was the first time you were there. And you were simply loving every bit.

You said something in my ear, but I had to ask you to say again. Then you put on your angelic face and repeated it louder. "I have no panties on and want to suck the hell out of you in the bathroom. Meet me in one minute there". My face went red and you got up and left me alone before I could say a word. I've felt myself growing in my pats and didn't know exactly what to do.

I've followed you in a while. When I got in the bathroom, there it was the doors to the men's and women's individual cabinets. You got me from behind and pushed me into the men's room. You said that it would be more intense there. Pushed me inside a individual cubicle and before I could even say a word you opened my zipper and slide my already hard cock inside your mouth. You felt every hair in my body tingle. I could even say that I felt the earth move. Your tongue softly going along every inch of my throbbing dick. You took off your shirt and I saw your breasts hanging with your pointing nipples hard. I could tell that you were very horny too. Someone could enter any minute and may ears us and that only made the situarion more erotic and intense. You started to caress my inner thighs and my balls as you started to suck faster. I swear I lost my senses for some time.

I felt the urge coming and warned you but you smiled and got back to the sucking. I bursted into your mouth with a loud moan. Afterwards I was worried but no one came in. You got up and turned your butt to me. "Now give me pleasure like today was our last day on earth". I was hard in a second and put it all inside you grabbing your hips hard and pulling and pushing you vigorously. You grabbed your nipples as I trust harder and harder. You came with a deep moan and I came inside of you 5 or 10 seconds later.

We embraced and kiss for a while. Before I could say anything you left for the women's bathroom. I dressed up myself and went back to the room. You arrived one minute after. "So what's for dessert?" you asked and we laugh.

I love you so much. Later on the hotel we.. Oh.. That's another story...

Friday, January 20, 2006

His Hands

When we married, I was so young and inexperienced. Now we have been together for sometime, and have been learning so much together. His body amazes me but the most amazing thing of all is his hands. He spends hours doodling away, pictures of amazing things. And it is with that skill that he touches me, one hand on my shoulder alone could make me melt.

One day I was watching him doodle, when he turned to me and started planting soft kisses on my lips and along my collar bone. Those amazing hands explored every inch of my body, they rested at my hips as we stood and moved to the bed. Holding a kiss he removed my blouse touching each of my breast softly, slowly he made his way around my back to remove my bra. My breast completely exposed he tenderly placed small kisses around each of my nipples. Soon the kisses turned into rubbing and teasing by those amazing hands.

I removed my skirt and he was quick to join me in finishing getting undressed, our hands explored each others bodies, I placed one hand on his penis and felt how hard he had become. Running my hand across it slowly increasing speed. His lips the whole time exploring my neck and his hands teasing, my own private areas. I wanted to feel him inside me so bad, but I didn't want the teasing to end. I flipped over on top of his kissing my way along his body. Slowly I reached his dick and placed sweet kisses all around it before taking it in my mouth. This seemed to please him because he let out a small moan.

I continued to lick and suck until I felt him about to finish, I removed my mouth just in time for him to cum on my breast. I looked up at him he knew there was to be more.

What happened next, we will save that for another time...


Accidental Voyeur

I was busy with some article scribbling, as usual. On that Saturday afternoon, time seemed to stand still. It was a warm and sunny day. Not too warm. The sun entered the window and filled my desk with a gold aura. "Will you be long honey?" - you asked from another room. "No dear, I'll end up in ten minutes." - I said. We were going to meet a friend couple. Not that happy about it but I already gave too much excuses. Can't ditch this one.

I've finished up and turned my chair when between the semi-closed door, I've took a glance of you. You were in the other site of the house. You were in the bathroom getting ready. Lovely as usual. The sun light passing through your robe showing all your curves. Damn you are hot. We've been married for 8 years now and I still feel for you the same passion as I did before we were married. Besides the long gown, you don't have nothing on.

I started to feel like a small kid. Trying to stay unnoticed as you put some day lotion on your face and hands. Then you open the gown a bit and start passing another different lotion on your body. I could see you breasts reflected on the mirror. I started to feel butterflies in my belly. There was nothing wrong with that. We were married. I've seen you naked thousand of times. And there I was, trying to stay unnoticed with a large lump showing in my pants.

I've got up and hide behind the door. Peeked through the crack as you spread the lotion on your legs and thighs. Opened my zipper and started to touch myself. A million images run through my head. I think that every time we were in bed passed running through. I've touched harder, faster, until I open the door open and I jerk off, right to you legs.

Damn. I was so ashamed. You laugh hard and started to put your arms around me. What happened next? Well, that's another story.


So this begins

This is were me and Jane share storys and experiences. Stay tune for plenty more.